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  • Wisdom

    The smart person learns from their mistakes. The wise person learns from other people's mistakes. Be wise! Sifu ....

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  • The Five Points of Testing

    Progress Check and Testing Checklist!!! The Five Areas of Testing for AAMA are 1. Knowledge of Curriculum 2. Basics and Applications 3. Attendance, Attitude and Protocol 4. Spirit and Energy 5. Health and Fitness Make sure you are doing your best in each area at each class in order to be successful whenever Progress Checks or Testing roll around! See you on the mat. ....

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  • Super Summer Kick-Off with Guest Instructor Kyoshi Dave Kovar from California

    Wednesday, May 27th, 8th Degree Black Belt and good friend and mentor to Mr. G., Kyoshi Kovar will be visiting American Academies of Martial Arts in Bellevue to share his love of martial arts for youth and adult students. About Dave Kovar
    In addition to being an elite martial artist with black belts in 10 Martial Arts styles, Kyoshi Dave Kovar is recognized worldwide as an innovator of best practices for martial arts school operation. He oversees the operation of eight Kovar’s Satori Academy schools and he founded ProMAC, the Professional Martial Arts College. Kyoshi Kovar is the Lead Instructor for MAIA and he has published over 100 online business and teaching videos for the ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Bellevue - American Academies of Martial Arts - Thank you for the Thank You

    Thank you for the Thank You

    We received this wonderful "Thank You" note from Lillian and Zephora, a mother and daughter team in our classes who are having to move out of the area. We wanted to share with you how they feel about Kickboxing in Bellevue, Martial Arts for Kids, American Academies of Martial Arts, Sifu Mark Goblowsky and all the Kung Fu Staff at American Academies of Martial Arts in Bellevue, Nebraska. ....

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  • Black Sash Ceremony

    Another AMAZING day at AAMA! Today was our Black Sash Ceremony... The stories never get old. We start by making the choice to walk through the door. For each of us, we make the decision for different reasons. Could be simply that it sounds like fun, or you want to be a ninja and learn all of those cool moves you see in the movies. Maybe you lack confidence and self-esteem and think martial arts might help, or your parents made you (in order to gain you focus and respect). Maybe you want to learn to defend yourself, or it could just be because the chicks dig it. smile emoticon We all have different motivations but they all led us to push past our fears and preconceived notions and ....

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  • Can't Say Enough!

    “I can’t say enough good things about Mr. G and my experience at AAMA. I have never been a big fan of going to a fitness center to work out but I have always been fascinated by martial arts. The individualized instruction and challenges of learning Kung-Fu in a caring, supportive group setting have pushed me to new levels of fitness, self-confidence and skill. I was even surprised by how much it turned out that I really enjoyed sparring and that any apprehension I had was replaced with excitement and even eagerness as I learned more. When combined with meditation, philosophy and positive life lessons, AAMA has been a place to nurture my mind, body and spirit.” -Melissa Namala, ....

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  • Quietly Become a Leader

    “Our son began at AAMA when he was four. He was shy and would often hesitate to participate in class. With the persistent and consistent encouragement of his instructors, he has found an activity that he truly enjoys. This process has built his confidence and he has quietly become a leader within his group. In a short period of time our son has grown incredibly. This is reflected not only at class, but also in his interactions with others. The instructors have been an extremely positive influence in his life and he respects them tremendously. We could not recommend a better program for a child to build self-esteem and confidence along with getting physical exercise.” -Eric and Toby Rees, ....

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  • So Impressive!

    “My children (ages 6 & 8) joined American Academies of Martial Arts three years ago and have learned so much about discipline, physical fitness, self-control, self-respect, and respect for others! I was so impressed with not only the martial arts instruction, but also with the lessons on living life to its fullest potential that I asked to have the AAMA staff come teach at our preschool. Now, every week, we have eighty 3-5 year-olds who are thrilled every time the instructors walk through the door! Several of our preschool parents have gone so far as to enroll their children in Mr. Goblowsky’s evening program in Bellevue in addition to the lessons the kids get here during the day. Mr. ....

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  • Excellent Caring Staff!

    “We love what they stand for. We love what they teach. We love the staff. Our family has benefited from AAMA in numerous ways. All of the principals that they consistently work on can be applied to daily life at home, work, and school. With a great deal of work and dedication, our son, 10, and our oldest daughter, 12, passed the Junior Black Sash test and will soon be celebrated at a ceremony in their honor. We are so very proud of all their hard work and commitment and we are thankful to AAMA for all that their excellent, caring staff has done for our children. We've made great family friends there and it's like a second family to the kids. They feel very at home. Thank you AAMA!” ....

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  • 100% Satisfied

    “We have had our children in many different activities and nothing has held their interest like Kung-Fu. They are eager to come twice a week and love showing off their technique to their friends. As parents, we are so very pleased with the focus and discipline that is taught at each class by the excellent instructors. Nothing makes us happier than when our children address adults as 'sir' and 'ma'am' without prompting! We are 110% percent satisfied with AAMA. “ -Stacy and Eric Grajkowski, Papillion NE ....

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  • More Focused and Respectful!

    “Mr. G's Kung-Fu is an important part of our family. The lessons taught not only impact our granddaughter’s physical fitness and helped her excel in that area, but it has also taught her about confidence, perseverance, patience, honor, loyalty and values. She is more focused and respectful now and has learned valuable problem solving skills. The instructors are an extended family to her. I strongly recommend Mr. G’s program to others. I think it is important to keep children involved in activities and this is one activity they can begin at an early age and continue throughout a lifetime! Unlike competitive sports, in this program your child competes with his or her self continuing to ....

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  • My Son's Teacher Noticed!

    “I brought my youngest son to AAMA two years ago to help him develop his focus, self-control and self-discipline. In what seemed like an incredibly short period of time, I received compliments from his grade school teacher and AWANA leaders about the profound improvement in his behavior. With results like that, I wondered what it could do for me. Well, I lost almost 50 lbs. in 6 months and gained the focus, self-control and self-discipline for myself that I was looking for my son to gain by enrolling him at AAMA. Our whole family has seen a tremendous benefit and I can see it having an impact for generations.” -Holli Mills, Bellevue ....

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