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Black Sash Ceremony

Another AMAZING day at AAMA!

Today was our Black Sash Ceremony...

The stories never get old.

We start by making the choice to walk through the door. For each of us, we make the decision for different reasons. Could be simply that it sounds like fun, or you want to be a ninja and learn all of those cool moves you see in the movies. Maybe you lack confidence and self-esteem and think martial arts might help, or your parents made you (in order to gain you focus and respect). Maybe you want to learn to defend yourself, or it could just be because the chicks dig it. smile emoticon We all have different motivations but they all led us to push past our fears and preconceived notions and one day walk through that door.

We heard 4 of those stories today from our newest Black 
Sashes-Lauren Lindstrom, 1st Degree; Cameron Rippey, 1st Degree; Will Ford, 1st Degree; and Jim Bolling, 2nd Degree.

The overlying theme to their stories of "What a Black Sash Means to Me?" is that they came in for one reason but have found so much more than they were looking for...acceptance and family, perseverance and respect, compassion and strength they didn't know they had, focus and purpose, and a vision of themselves as someone they never dreamed that they could become!

Sifu Mark Goblowsky shared with them a powerful vision of where they came from, what they have now achieved, and the endless opportunities now before them. Opportunities that they wouldn't have had if they had given up when they felt like they couldn't continue or didn't want to do it anymore. You just Reset, Refocus, and Remember to Breathe. That can get you through just about anything!

Black Sash is just the beginning. Everyone one of these 4 remarkable people have found American Academies of Martial Arts, Sifu Mark Goblowsky and Kung-Fu to be a giant catalyst for them in their lives in becoming who they are supposed to be. They plan on continuing their training and their growth and we are so proud to continue to call them our students but, most importantly, OUR FAMILY! Yang Sheng!

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