I enrolled my daughter in martial arts for a few reasons.

One is so she could keep and stay active. And so she can learn self-defense skills, and discipline, and also to boost her self-esteem.

The problem with her self-esteem, being that she is the youngest of six, and the only girl with five older brothers. I think she just felt outnumbered, and she has a hard time communicating and making friends sometimes. And she kind of feels like she isn’t as good at some things as her brothers. So we joined martial arts. It really helped her because her brothers, none of her brothers did martial arts, so it’s something that she does and that she has excelled in, and is really good in. That has also made her open up more with talking to people and expressing herself better.

Her mindset now, after being in martial arts for almost three years, she has much more confidence in herself. As a person, she’s just much more outgoing and will speak up if someone is bothering her. She also has learned to defend others when they need it. And she has also learned a good work ethic, and that when you start something, you finish it. For mothers who are thinking about enrolling their children, especially daughters, I think it is a great program for them but is not just about kicking and punching. It’s more about learning, and I think it really empowers girls and women to be strong. And to show them that they are strong and that they can defend themselves, and it’s not only about violence, but it’s more about self-control also.

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