Your Kids Will Develop the Habits and Attitudes for SUCCESS with Bellevue Martial Arts!

Do your kids LOVE Martial Arts?

Do they often pretend to do karate, or dress up as the Power Rangers?

If your child LOVES Martial Arts, I personally invite you to have them take a FREE trial lesson.

Experience REAL Martial Arts with REAL Instructors.

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Give your kids the tools they need to become the best they can be.

If your child is struggling, I personally invite you to have them take a FREE trial lesson.

Experience REAL Martial Arts with REAL Instructors.

Call us at  (402) 731-5425

If your child needs a FUN way to become more active, more respectful, or more self-disciplined, our Bellevue Martial Arts kids program can help.

It’s never too early to start instilling quality values and ideals in your children. Whether your child is struggling in school, lacking confidence or hooked on video games or junk food, our quality Kids Martial Arts classes will give them the motivation and self-control they need to achieve success.

Children Are Our Future

At American Academies of Martial Arts in Bellevue, your child will enjoy a fun and energetic class that develops motor skills, confidence, discipline, self-control, and overall good habits that will transcend for a lifetime. Plus, this Kids Martial Arts program is a great way for kids to burn up some extra energy, and meet new friends.

“I brought my youngest son to AAMA two years ago to help him develop his focus, self-control and self-discipline. In what seemed like an incredibly short period of time, I received compliments from his grade school teacher and AWANA leaders about the profound improvement in his behavior. With results like that, I wondered what it could do for me. Well, I lost almost 50 lbs. in 6 months and gained the focus, self-control and self-discipline for myself that I was looking for my son to gain by enrolling him at AAMA. Our whole family has seen a tremendous benefit and I can see it having an impact for generations.”
-Holli Mills, Bellevue

Kids love our martial arts school because they are having fun and getting stronger, but what they really gain is the confidence to protect themselves and the courage to stand up against bullies and negative peer pressure. And, although we primarily focus on self-defense, kids learn about conflict resolution, respect, integrity, loyalty, self-discipline and a ônon-quitting spiritö, which leads to great achievement physically, mentally and academically.

bellvue kids martial arts programs

“During the 5 years our boys have been in Kung-Fu with AAMA we have watched them grow in so many ways. They have gained strength, confidence, determination and respect for themselves and others. We are constantly amazed at what they have accomplished and how those lessons have flowed into all aspects of their lives.ö
-Erik and Angi Jamison, Plattsmouth NE

We have two age-appropriate programs:

Give Your Child a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit!

Our Kids Bellevue Martial Arts classes are based on a 5-week rotating schedule that allows us to integrate new students seamlessly at any time. Kids gain a newfound confidence and energy to tackle life’s challenges head on!

Whether you live in Bellevue or within driving distance, we invite you to find out more about our Kids Bellevue Martial Arts Program, PLUS how you can get a FREE trial lesson. To learn more fill in the Request Form, RIGHT NOW!

bellvue kids martial arts programs

Benefits Of Bellevue Kids Martial Arts

  • Little Dragons ages 4 to 6
  • Young Tiger ages 7 to 12
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