Get Fit and Have Fun As You Learn to Protect Yourself!

If you’re looking for a STREET-WISE self-defense program that is interesting and enjoyable to learn, look no further!

At American Academies of Martial Arts, you’ll learn a unique blend of ôREAL WORLDö modern day martial arts, traditional Kung Fu training and advanced ground fighting techniques.

“I can’t say enough good things about Mr. G and my experience at AAMA. I have never been a big fan of going to a fitness center to work out but I have always been fascinated by martial arts. I’ve pushed myself to new levels of fitness, self-confidence and skill.ö
-Melissa Namala, Omaha NE

Gain Confidence and Self Control in our Bellvue Self-Defense Classes!

At our Bellevue school, you’ll learn an effective variety of Chinese Martial Art systems to gain a well-rounded approach to self-defense, as well as knowledge of the arts themselves.

Specifically You Will Learn:

In this self defense program, not only will you gain confidence by knowing how to protect yourself, you’ll gain the physical and mental edge needed to handle ANY uncomfortable confrontations that occur.

Train in a Safe, Clean and Comfortable Environment!

Founded by Mr. Mark Goblowsky in 1988, AAMA is one of the longest operating martial arts studios in the region. We pride ourselves on self-discipline, and everyone from teachers and students strives to be their bests.

If you’re ready to develop strength, stamina and mental sharpness, plus the courage and confidence you need to succeed, FIND OUT MORE!

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What You’ll Learn At Bellevue Self Defense

  • Kicking
  • Punching
  • Throwing
  • Choking
  • Locks
  • Submissions
  • Ground Fighting
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