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Hey everybody, want to give you a quick video on how to tie our Kung Fu sashes here at my Martial Arts Kung Fu Academy near Omaha, Nebraska. So let’s get started.

Let’s introduce our young lady, Macy, can you say hello to the camera?

Here’s Macy’s mom. She’s the sash attendant.

Okay, here we go. So we get the middle of the martial arts school kung fu sash. And if they’re a little bit smaller kids, we start on the left. If, with the middle over here. If they’re a little bit bigger kids, waist’s a little bit bigger, teenagers, adults, start here, we go twice around.

But since Macy’s a little smaller, we’re going to go three times around. So one, two, three. Okay, and then, front one over the back. And then it comes up and through. And then the one that came out on top, comes up, a little bit of a loop. The bottom one, wrap it around and then back down. And that’s all there is to it.

Thank you Miss Macy for helping out. Good job. You can kill it.

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