My name’s Larry Brown. I am almost 53 years old. I was 50 when I started Kung Fu. I’ve been doing it for about three years.

Why did you start Kung Fu?

I started Kung Fu because I was about to turn 50, wanted to maintain my flexibility, general health. I’ve always liked martial arts and Kung Fu. I walk by the gym quite a bit and I see the guys working out. I see them using their weapons and doing their forms and really wanted to join that.

The motivator of what kept me going is the exercise, the health. I’ve seen changes in the way my body functions. Probably a big one is I had an ankle injury many years ago on the left side, had to wear some inserts. Since I started doing Kung Fu, that’s readjusted itself so my flexibility has increased. Overall I’m healthier. I have my flexibility.

Kung Fu has definitely impacted my home life, my attitude, my relationships, my stress level.

I and my family can tell when I’m not in the gym. I’m very much more relaxed. My family can see that I’m healthier, I’m more engaged with my boys who are very athletic. So it’s been very much a positive form.

I’d recommend Kung Fu for anyone from a young person starting out as a kid to an older person. Probably the greatest story I can give around that is I was at a campground, there was a guy probably in his 60s who was watching me do my forms early morning one morning and he said, “Gosh, I wish I had that flexibility.” You’re never too old.

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