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My name is Alena I am 12 years old and I’ve been taking martial arts classes here near Omaha for six years.

Why did you decide to do Kung Fu?

My parents showed me many martial arts movies, that mostly involved Kung Fu in it and I thought that it was really cool. So then I wanted to try it out and I saw this place. When I tried it out, it was just fun, doing many activities, learning different things, and just great.

When I started I felt very nervous, had so much anxiety in my body. I have a best friend, her name is Isabel Hernandez. She used to go here and at first, she was a novice and when I told her about my day, of Kung Fu, she told me not to be nervous. That made me feel a lot better. So each time I went I wasn’t as nervous as before.

That I have good friends here, and that each day I’m learning something new.

I would tell any other kid in Omaha not to be nervous and that once you get into the flow of things, and going more and more each day, you won’t get nervous.

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